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Yeesh, what a dull title. But the thing is, I've been working out a great compromise over the last couple months, what with my fannish stuff on DW and my RL stuff on LJ. It's wonderful, especially since I don't have to switch between two journals all the time. But I'm getting fed up enough with LJ that I'd really like to switch over to DW completely.

Yeah, um, the login thing is going to be a problem, but at least with the client I'll be able to post things in the other journal without logging out and logging back in again.

Maybe I should just open the second journal in another browser. Arrgh.

Anyway, Dreamwidth. It's a thing.
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Here's where I'm going to start posting all the stuff I used to post on my "aris_tgd" LJ account (the non-fannish one.) Not sure what I'm going to do about the whole "writing filter" thing--I may just port that over to my fannish space.

Anyhoo. Here I am! Bye, LJ!
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So I really need to do today:

Finish my resume.
Set up O-chem lab.
Start O-chem, I-chem problem sets.

I don't have to finish those last, but I do need to start them.

Things I want to do, or start today:
Read Ch 13 of O-chem. Still haven't done that, and it's irritating me.
Finish the I-chem
Read the Hum reading
Knock off the Physics lab ticket.

In other news, it's late in the day and I should really get going on that.

I also made a page that diagrams all the mood icons for my theme, here. And I decided to upload and start using some more of my icons, since... well, I made them. I might as well use some of them.
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Well, I survived, anyway. Next week starts labs. It should be exciting, or something.

My revised work list:
Read Ch 13 of O-chem textbook.
Read O-chem lab manual, experiment 6
Finish I-chem lab experiment 1
O-chem problem set, due Wednesday
I-chem problem set, due Friday
Fnish physics problem set, due Friday
Physics lab ticket for next Thursday
Perhaps 100 pages of Hum reading

Of this list, the I-chem lab is almost finished, but I don't want to look at it any more today; the physics lab ticket should be trivial; and I'm mostly finished with the physics problem set. The Hum reading also shouldn't be difficult, and I don't have to really finish it until Wednesday.

Well, if I can knock off some of this as soon as possible, it won't loom for later.

From Mal

Jan. 29th, 2004 11:35 am
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Which Science Fiction Writer are You?

Samuel R. "Chip" Delany
Few have had such broad commercial success with aggressively experimental prose techniques.


Makes me feel bad I've never read any of his stuff.
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'Fear' my 'leet' Photoshopping 'skills'! )
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I just picked up an Alabama quarter today. It has a picture of Helen Keller on it.

(Some of you are already laughing. You're the ones who read your copies of Lies My Teacher Told Me like good little liberals.)

For those of you who don't know, Helen Keller was blind and deaf as a child, but through the patient tutelage of another blind woman learned how to use sign language and therefore to express herself through language. (Some of Keller's writings on the subject are a fascinating contrast to our recent Hum 210 discussions of language among native Americans, actually.) Her struggle against deafness, blindness, and social stigma was successful, in large part to her teacher Annie Sullivan, but also because of her own stamina and determination. She graduated college in a time when few women and no deafblind women had done so.

She was also a raging--and I mean RAGING--commie socialist wobbly liberal.

She campaigned for decades against worker abuse and the excesses of capitalism and wrote numerous articles and letters of support for socialist and communist parties in the US and abroad. She spoke out, and was ignored, her opponents taking the shameful tactic of convincing themselves that because she was deafblind, she was incapable of making her own conclusions about working conditions and economic policy.

It is typical that when I look up a school report on Helen Keller, the timeline jumps from "1900 - first day of college" to "1968 - Helen died" with NOTHING inbetween.

"Spirit of Courage" is the caption on Keller's picture on the coin. To this I'd like to add, "Advocate of Laws That Keep Big Business from Fucking the Poor," but I don't think there's enough room.
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Tonight I'd like to get through a few assignments, since it's early and bedtime is late:

* The first couple chapters of the I-chem book, which should be review on structure, but since I haven't actually looked, I shouldn't say.
* Chapter 13 of the O-chem book. Of course, I'd also like to take detailed notes on everything I read in O-chem from here on out, so I don't think I'll start with this one.
* The Greenblatt essay for Hum, "Learning to Curse". More likely I'll start here.
* Physics. Well, Physics involves doing the problem set, not reading the text. I would like to have all my problem sets done early, since I will have much work this semester and less time to do it in. We'll see how long this resolution lasts.

That's one assignment per class, which sounds about right. Here's to getting a good chunk of that done tonight.

I'm also listening to an infinite loop of J-pop and other music in Japanese. This is not to confuse and disorient me; it's just me remembering that I don't know Japanese any more and would like to remedy that.
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Stolen from, though you can find it elsewhere:

< > ! * ' ' #
^ " ` $ $ -
! * = @ $ _
% * < > ~ # 4
& [ ] . . /

Reading this aloud with proper UNIX pronunciation results in:

Waka waka bang splat tick tick hash,
Caret quote back-tick dollar dollar dash,
Bang splat equal at dollar under-score,
Percent splat waka waka tilde number four,
Ampersand bracket bracket dot dot slash,
Vertical-bar curly-bracket comma comma CRASH.

(My only objections is that I usually use 'curly-brace' rather than 'curly-bracket', which results in a slightly different rhythm.)
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A while back, my boyfriend forcibly reminded me how strange normals are. I was complaining halfheartedly about the muscles I'd strained during the capoiera class, which were making it hard for me to walk, and almost impossible to walk without some pain. I'd made mention of it for possibly the twentieth time, and he turned to me and asked, "Are you glad you took the class?"

Completely bewildered, I replied of course I was glad. Why would he ask such a thing?

"Well, the way you're hurting--"

I seriously couldn't comprehend what he was talking about, or what the connection was between the pain I was in and my enjoyment of the class. When I responded, "It's just pain," he was struck with a similar realization. Dancers are weird.

Well, normals are weird. Pain is a normal consequence of moving. Dancers just realize it more concretely.


Today I had to get my grades from my advisor. Well, it didn't have to be today, but I only have until the sixth to send out my internship applications, so I might as well.

There's something funny about having grades on paper in front of you. It does screwy things to your head.

Well, to me, anyway. I started reacting like I did in high school whenever I got a printout. I felt good for a while, and then I started tallying things I could do to bring up a couple of my ongoing class grades. I mean, if I do some extra work on the problem sets, and study a little more for the tests, then...

I had to slap myself. I don't want to be in high school any more. I want to learn this stuff, not regurgitate it. And I certainly don't want to be working for a grade. It's an artificial sort of incentive, and it makes me feel dirty, somehow.

Maybe it's just because I've gone a year and a half without knowing my GPA, and not caring all that much.

It's also sort of a social stigma. You're not supposed to know your GPA. If they tell you, you're not doing well.

Maybe it's just because I've been in class all day, and I'm tired.


Jan. 26th, 2004 09:27 pm
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Because cuts are for friends pages. )
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Well, today was good, for the most part, until the evening.

I mean, the evening being bad has nothing to do with the day. I really enjoyed [ profile] digammagirl's Prisoner marathon. Lots of fun, finally saw the end, much crazyness.


Only I was supposed to meet Noah today, because he brought Stormi down to see the FLCL marathon, which was happening over in psych.

Only, by the time I got out of the Prisoner marathon, psych was locked down.

Only, I realized that I had to read the entirety of The Tempest, which I haven't really read before, by the time I crash tonight. (I have.)

Only, I could go looking for him, but it's eleven-o-fucking-clock in the evening, and if I have a hope in hell of making it to my nine am lecture tomorrow, I have to be asleep by midnight.

Some quiet time alone with my boyfriend appears to be a lot to ask.
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Okay, it's not real productivity, because LJ icons never count as productivity. But nevertheless:

Because bandwidth is precious, even for a 6k image. )
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As you may or may not have heard, CBS is refusing to air MoveOn's "Bush in 30 Seconds" ad because it has "political bias." However, they are happily running an ad sponsered by the White House.

Seems silly, no?

Anyone reading this can help by going to and e-signing their petition. With enough support, we might be able to turn this thing around.
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So yesterday I mentioned e-drills and capoiera. I probably shouldn't blab a lot about the drills, but I'll just say I learned a lot and they weren't too stressful.

The capoiera class wasn't stressful either, but MAN am I sore. Lots of things hurt. The basic step, which I can't spell because it's in Portugese, is a kind of back-and-forth rock-step, where you lunge back on one foot, rock forward to trade sides, step sideways and lunge back on the other foot. We did this for about an hour straight. We also took some time to practice cartwheels and kicks. Lots of fun, and I hope I can take it up seriously later.

Yesterday I got my room vacuumed, which means there is a lot less stuff on my floor. I need to buy some more duct tape. I also need to rehang my whiteboard, which is the reason for the duct tape. Today, my mission is to write the essays for my internship applications and get the letters of recommendation at least to Jim, and possibly to Joe Buhler as well. Hopefully I can do this before four, when Beverly's making liquid nitrogen ice cream in commons and Jason is teaching people to play mah-johng.

And I just found this wacky fun tetris clone, Falling Up. It's pretty normal until you have to play a couple levels WHILE THE BOARD IS ROTATING. Spooky.


Jan. 22nd, 2004 12:26 am
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Haven't updated in a while, so I should.

Spent the last few days hanging out with people, going to Paideia classes, and watching the State of the Union(188 drinks). Today, I had a really fun emergency drill at the reactor, and a great class on Capoiera. I am sore, but feeling good.

Also, started period and lots of headaches and hopefully the end of the PMS crams. Huzzah.

Um, in other news, I'd like to apologize to folk for being out of contact. It's been a week for running around and reestablishing myself. I'll be back to stressed and sitting online doing and avoiding homework soon enough.

And in other other news, my room is a whole lot cleaner than it was. And since I found my camera, if I get it cleaned up another step or two, I might actually remember to take pictures.
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This is not good.

I think that I'm suffering from a mixture of ill diet over the past couple days(Commons has been closed) and menustral cramps. IOW, I'm miserable and I don't know what to do about it besides take ibuprofin and lie down.

Good news, though, my board points have been refilled, so I have plenty of food money. I think I'm going to be spending it on salads and naked food-juice for a while.
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1. Eat greens. Salad bar time for me now that Commons is open again.
2. Vacuum my floor. This involves getting things off my floor so that this is possible.
3. Try and hit that origami workshop. It's been a while since I've folded anything besides a crane.
4. FIND PEOPLE. Too long have I holed up in my room. I'm feeling better, now time to socialize.
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Because I'm missing a bunch of the MST3k marathon in Bio 19, but I figure I can just show up late, since they'll be going for a while.

I've been doing good these last couple of days, though a lot of my clothing is still in bags, most of it is clean.

Commons is closed much of the weekend, which means food service will be interesting. Fortunately, I have just purchased a large quantity of ramen. I can also return to the store and pick up some vegetables, since there is some veggie oil in the cabinet by the stove, and I can stir fry some broccoli or something to give myself a more balanced diet. I've already got two cans of water chestnuts. I used the third on a couple packets of shrimp flavored ramen, and it was tasty.

In other news, I still have Jenn's mail. And I need to reorganize some of the boxes I have sitting around. I will attempt to get a lot of this done before I head over to MST3k, on the grounds that this will get my head organized and make me a more pleasant person to be around in general.
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So I got in two days ago and I'm already sleep deprived. But you know, everything will be okay.

Sunday night, [ profile] cupacoffey did me a huge favor and picked me up from the airport. We hung out at her place and figured out how to make FTP work on the computer she's housesitting. We went and grabbed Chinese food for dinner. Mmmm, chow mein. After that, she dropped me off at Noah's place, and we all talked for a long time. Long enough that I panicked about having to be at Reed at 9am.

It wasn't so bad. Work was fun, in that we got to play with the gigantic radiation source to calibrate the radiation monitors. After lunch, we came back and discovered that someone had used the lift (that we needed to position the source) to move lead bricks. If we wanted it, we had to move the bricks. I went and stood in the corner between two pipes and the wall and put the bricks underneath my feet. It was interesting.

After that, and the final RAM calibration, I studied and started to get my rabbit certification, but Noah showed up because he had to work, and had to pick me up early. So I went to work with him, and afterward we watched most of the important episodes of Babylon 5 S2 with Stormi. We're almost done. This is good, since that means we got to see all the good stuff in S2, and S3, and then move to S4. Yay, S4!

So today I finished my rabbit certification and showed off the Spinthariscope. Here's to more Babylon 5, and the rest of the day going smoothly.
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