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Welp, this is it. Tomorrow starts the second...

Okay, tomorrow doesn't start my second semester. It starts Reactor Paideia, which I still can't spell without help. It's going to be interesting. I need to get certified for the pneumatic transfer system or I get dropped from the program, but that's a requirement for all us trainees. I think they're just frantic to get some of us to drop. There are a TON of trainees right now.

I leave for the airport in two hours. In between then and now, I need to figure out how to bend time and space to my will and get all the necessary junk into my backpack and another carryon. This will be interesting. I just hope it works. I did manage to get all the presents I bought for folks into my checked luggage, along with my knitting needles and lots of clothes, so that's taken care of.

I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to take the Sega Saturn up. I think I do. I hope I can manage it. It will be interesting.

Oh, well; if I run out of space I can pack a bigger carryon, or check another bag, though I really don't want to do that. There's only so much jostling a carryon sustains, after all.

Enh. In any case, I'll see all you Reediefolk soon.
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I just joined the American Chemical Society as a student affiliate.


Well, anyway. I also appear to be able to get a platinum MasterCard... with a Periodic Table on it. OOOH SHINY! That, and discounts on car rentals and other such things. Very neat.

So, yes. I am now a member of The Establishment. This is kinda neat. Chemistry Power, here I come!
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I'm not one to be put off by a "Christian" movie review site, and the analysis done by the good pastor is wonderfully in-depth. I've just gone through all his monthly features, which are terrifically insightful. I love movie commentary, and really have to recommend this to all of you.

In other news, I watched the third-through-sixth episodes of S4 again with mom tonight. Hoo-ah. "Actually, now that you mention it..." Boom! Hee hee hee...
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Fry's sales are the best. I now own B5 S4, in all its glory.


I'm going to be staggeringly incoherent for the next few days.
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I took a few hours today to go down to my old studio and dance a couple classes. It was exhiliarating, and showed me just how woefully out of shape I am. But oh, so much fun. It's the first time I've really been able to take a tap class in a long time, too, and my technique is still pretty good, which is great to know. Got to chat with folks, too, which was also wonderful.

Just... so much goodness. I love that I can still do turns and leaps and stretches. And I'm going to hurt like hell tomorrow. That makes me happy.
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Spent this morning waking up, talked with [ profile] whitestar2 for a bit on aim, did some laundry. The laundry thing was especially good, since I was out of pants.

Then in the afternoon I went over and visited [ profile] qzlxno. That was fun; my Saturn games work, I now own a Saturn, paid him back with dinner, and we watched the movie ver of the Fantastiks. It was cool to get his perspective, since he was in the show and had to produce the music half of it.

Right before I started the drive home, I looked up at the moon, and damn am I glad I did. Almost-full, middle of the sky, with a gigantic white halo surrounding a field of perfectly clear stars. Amazing. I take clear skies for granted when I'm down here, and I really, really, really shouldn't. Especially when I'm heading back to Portland in a week.

In other news, Alan Parsons Project makes me a better driver. No kidding.
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If this is anything like the other two, it's long. )
In other news, I have art stuff that I'll be putting on my page really soon(meaning tonight) and less soon(meaning as soon as I get around to cleaning it up with the tablet, which will be Paedia--or however you spell that.)
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More long rambling )
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This is going to be long. )

News Update

Jan. 3rd, 2004 09:00 pm
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Well, the US still beats the British. Nice to know we finally got one right.

Maybe we can go find their lander...
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More updates when I've finished unpacking just a bit more.

Oh, and [ profile] timthepenguin told me to turn comments on, so I will. No drama. I mean it.
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Tomorrow morning, early, we're driving to Seattle. So I need to sleep soon.

Early. Ugh.

Well, it should be an adventure. I'm really looking forward to this. I did a little driving today, and it went fine, so I shouldn't be too bad on the freeway heading up. We went over to Target, where I cashed in a gift card from friends-of-family and got myself Civ3: Conquests. Looks like loads of fun, but I haven't installed it yet.

I also did something silly with this ring. See, Noah gave me a ring for Xmas(No, not that kind.) Silver, modern, set with a small star ruby, very nice. It's also a size 8, which is a problem, since my fingers are mostly size 10 or 11. So it will fit on my pinkies, but the style is a little too wide for that.

You know how your fingers change size over the day? Last night I could slip the ring on my ring finger, which I did, and then went to sleep. Couldn't get it off in the morning. It finally came off a couple minutes ago with the help of a little soap, but having to wait almost 24 hours to get a ring off is distracting. No more doing stupid things, 'Risu.

Welp, time to pack the last of my things, and then crash. See you all when I next have net access.
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So, since I'd gotten most of my presents in advance, my haul was small, but pleasant; I recieved an annotated copy of the Dragonlance Chronicles, the first three books by Weis and Hickman. It's amazing to look at the annotations and see how they tried to follow the AD&D character archetypes and party creation constraints, and how well they fared compared to those poor D&D movie people. See, when Weis and Hickman wanted a leader, they said "We based Tanis off Captain Kirk," not "We decided to make Ridley a kind of savior of the people man of density super special with a magic sword guy." I respect that.

No, not Ridley.

In other news, I saw Italian Job and Identity, one more or less right after the other. The first was a pretty straightforward action movie, love interests, revenge, blowing up stuff film, but it was done well and had wonderful chase-explosions-chase scenes. And Ed Norton played an asshole very well. Identity was weeeeeeird, and cool, and chilling, and wacky. And the ending quite amply demonstrates why we hate the new Mask teaser. I'll leave it at that for those of you who haven't seen the movie. It's good.

So there's always more stuff to do, but right now I'm content.
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... I can't believe I just did that.
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So, I just got back from seeing RotK with my parents. Battle sequences, dead armies, singing hobbits, mm-mm good.

While we were out, we got a call from my bf, who is in town.

And now I'm thinking of going to see the movie again.

La, la, la, common sense, I can't hear you...
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So I woke up late, and didn't realize that my state got hit with a >6.0 earthquake until a few minutes ago. Blah. Two people dead, which sucks, and various other problems, which also sucks, and buildings destroyed. Blah.

My day, however, had nothing to do with this tragedy. I went to the mall with [ profile] qzlxno, where we bought things. Well, mostly Nick bought things. I amused myself by pulling a phone cord out of the security locker on a jacket rack in the Gap.

Hint: Never, ever, ever, ever do this.

After leaving the Gap behind us, we bumped into someone I knew in the Sharper Image store. I bump into a lot of people at this mall; I saw Ms. Moore, the chem teacher I TAed for my senior year of HS, there on Saturday, and during that trip I also saw two boys from my graduating class. This is, like, within minutes. And today I bumped into Jackie, an old friend who I met when we were both in primary school. Life's funny like that.

So the only thing I bought was a copy of the upgrated Myst/Riven/Exile set, which was pretty darn reasonable. Afterwards, food (Mmmm, gyros and falafel) and a futile attempt to find a Saturn game, any Saturn game, anywhere. No dice; I'll have to order one online.

After that, I watched The Quiet American with my mother, and spent a little over 45 minutes on the treadmill. That wasn't too bad; I'll have to work up to doing an hour and a half again. Afterwards I took a shower and... well, sat down to write this post.

I've been feeling really productive these last few days. I hope I can keep that up.
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So, I decided to teach myself to knit this year. It seems to be a favorite pastime of folk around the college, so it can't be that bad, right?

Fortunately, there exists, which has a terrible page layout but some decent instructions. So after making the same casting on mistake about twenty times in a row, I've gotten the hang of it. I hope. Wish me luck.

Home Again

Dec. 20th, 2003 06:51 pm
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So, yesterday I took a plane ride back home. I managed to get everything out of my dorm room on time, which was good. Noah gave me a ride to the airport, and when I got there I bumped into Laura and her Reedie bf. When I got on the airplane, I sat next to Jen, not Jenn, but Jen. That was cool, even though we were both exhausted from finals. My stomach had been clenched all week from stress, and was only just unclenching. But whee, home now, everything's all right. Got some rest, got some dinner, got some sleep.

This morning, I went shopping with my mom. Chocolate, books, and movies. Sam Goody was having a "strip the store to the walls" sale, and I picked up a DVD of The Quiet American and a gift for Jay. Mmm, The Quiet American. I only saw it once in theaters, but I'm glad I did see it. It's a really terrific movie.

Hm. Other than that, I'm doing well. Taking the time to relax. It's good to be on vacation.

So. RotK.

Dec. 17th, 2003 03:57 am
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I love the movie.

Ask for my impressions in person/on IRC; I don't think I can give a coherent review right now.
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Because with all those things calling themselves 'memes', there need to be a couple.

So. Here's the deal. I have a list of 11 questions here. The point is to answer them in complete sentences, in paragraph format. Then, take the list, remove the worst or most annoying question on it, and replace it with a better one. Encourage others to follow you.

1. What is your name, and what do you like people to call you?
2. What book have you read most recently?
3. What's your favorite television show?
4. Introverted or extroverted, and why do you think so?
5. What's your favorite thing to drink?
6. Pro-birth or pro-choice?
7. Do you dance, and to what music?
8. Any odd sexual preferences?
9. If you could be any god or goddess, who would you be?
10. Which do you dislike least: Lab reports, research papers, or lit crit?
11. If you were stranded on a desert island, what is your first reaction of something to take with you?

So, just to be fair, I'll answer:

My name is Susan, though most people call me either Susie or Aris. The most recent book I read was Luther and Erasmus: Free Will and Salvation, though I'm rereading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintinence. I don't watch much TV, but my favorite show is Babylon 5. I'm definitely introverted, because even though I've become a lot more social over the past year and a half, there are still times at parties when I want to either curl up and become invisible or start shouting until everyone's quiet. My favorite thing to drink is apple cinnamon tea made with milk and honey. I'm definitely pro-choice rather than pro-birth, because not allowing a choice is constricting, and allowing it doesn't mean encouraging it, since an abortion is not something any woman wants to go through. I dance, but not at parties, and nowadays to whatever I'm playing when I'm cleaning the Reed pool. As far as sex goes, I'm more conservative than any of my friends, I'm pretty sure(and that's not just because I know my mother reads this, it's true.) If I could be any deity, I'd want to be Lugh, because he gets a lot of interesting stuff to do. I dislike lab reports less than research papers or literary criticism, which is why I'm a science major. And if I were stranded somewhere, my first instinct is to reach for my laptop, because even though it only has three hours of battery, I can't write using anything other than a computer.

So. Go. Do as thou wilt with this.
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