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So yesterday I mentioned e-drills and capoiera. I probably shouldn't blab a lot about the drills, but I'll just say I learned a lot and they weren't too stressful.

The capoiera class wasn't stressful either, but MAN am I sore. Lots of things hurt. The basic step, which I can't spell because it's in Portugese, is a kind of back-and-forth rock-step, where you lunge back on one foot, rock forward to trade sides, step sideways and lunge back on the other foot. We did this for about an hour straight. We also took some time to practice cartwheels and kicks. Lots of fun, and I hope I can take it up seriously later.

Yesterday I got my room vacuumed, which means there is a lot less stuff on my floor. I need to buy some more duct tape. I also need to rehang my whiteboard, which is the reason for the duct tape. Today, my mission is to write the essays for my internship applications and get the letters of recommendation at least to Jim, and possibly to Joe Buhler as well. Hopefully I can do this before four, when Beverly's making liquid nitrogen ice cream in commons and Jason is teaching people to play mah-johng.

And I just found this wacky fun tetris clone, Falling Up. It's pretty normal until you have to play a couple levels WHILE THE BOARD IS ROTATING. Spooky.


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