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So. It's the second, and we have to leave. That isn't a bad thing; we throw everything into the car, make a last Rite Aid run, say farewell to [ profile] rbos, and start out. I'm still sick, which isn't helping anything, but hey.

I've arranged with Noah to drop by Portland on the way back down and drop off the scanner, so that I don't have to fly back with it. Going through Portland, and into the city, made me feel so much better I couldn't believe it. Hell, seeing Noah made me feel so much better I couldn't believe it. I dropped off the scanner, refrained from giving Noah my throat infection, and we got back on 5 heading South.

So, we're almost to Eugene, and we learn the road we planned on taking to the coast is out.

This isn't a huge problem; just past Eugene was another highway, farther north, and longer. Also higher, but it shouldn't be a problem, right? No snow, right? Right?

Well, not much snow on the road. We made it to the coast and start heading toward our planned destination, Coos Bay.

Only... Coos Bay has no electricity when we get there.

So we keep driving, and make it to Bandon, where we eat dinner. The waitress drops the hint that all the hotels might be full up.

They are.

We, meaning I, keep driving. Through Port Ormond. Then into Gold Beach, where the first place we try is full. But we get a room at the Beachcomber, a nice room. While we're there, we're informed that I-5 is actually closed... but not between CA and OR; between OR and WA.

Well, it was cold last night. Very cold. I was freezing and miserable in the morning, and it didn't get better when I scalded myself with tea. And it didn't get better when we passed a traffic advisory: "HIGHWAY 101 CLOSED, SLIDES, 87 MILES SO OF EUREKA. NO DETOUR."

Well, there was always the 299, over to Redding. Which was also getting rockslide warnings, as well as weather advisories. Neither my mom or I have any experience putting on chains.

We decided to drive to Arcata, just north of the 299 turnoff, and see. We'd stopped at a forest service station, where they advised us to take a scenic route through the redwoods(There's ice on 101, you see), and that CalTrans was trying to get 101 clear by noon.

They did. No more problems the rest of the way down.

Well, I mean, that's one heck of a denoument. They did their job, and they did it well. Once we passed the point where the rockslide had been, mom turned the driving over to me, and I got us home. I am now much more confident of my ability to careen down a mountain highway at 75 miles an hour through many weather conditions and not kill myself. Go me.

In other news, I have art stuff that I'll be putting on my page really soon(meaning tonight) and less soon(meaning as soon as I get around to cleaning it up with the tablet, which will be Paedia--or however you spell that.)


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