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So the next day, Tuesday, we picked up [ profile] rbos from Greyhound. Well, that's how it was supposed to work. Instead, we got there to discover he'd gotten in relatively early and headed to the hotel. After acquiring him, we did more shopping in some of the malls, then went and ate dinner and saw Return of the King. Yes, again. Yes, I know. It's still excellent. Love it. Even Rob picked up on the Merry/Pippin Moment, so it's not just the Reedies' pechant for making everything gay, gay, gay.

The next day was New Year's eve, and that was all kinds of exciting. Early in the day, mom, Rob and I went over to see the Space Needle(and bought all sorts of stuff, including a new overshirt that's nice and warm) and the Experience Music Project, which was terrific fun. Then after noon, [ profile] timthepenguin, [ profile] invertedreptile, [ profile] capn_jil, [ profile] rbos, Jay's friend Mike, Tyler, mom, and myself all went over to another part of town I'd never been to hit stores and have adventures. Twice Sold Tales(I think) was the bookstore, and it had cats, and a remarkable cat-jungle built so that the felines could walk over our heads. A little disconcerting, but cool. Everyone found something they liked, but one of the best finds was a series of videos on improving relationships filmed in the early 90s by really desperate people. More on those later. We then went to a vintage clothing store and awed at things people used to wear, and then to Coffee Messiah, which is possibly the coolest coffee place on the planet. Cooler than any I know in this area, anyway. The bathroom alone makes it worth revisiting.

Okay. After Coffee Messiah we ran back to downtown to catch a bus over to Isaquah. On the way I said goodbye to Rob and mom, who were staying in Seattle. We got to the park'n'ride and Lizard's parents saved the day by driving us to Jay's place, and then AGAIN by driving back with the groceries we accidentally left in the car. They are the best people ever for the first week of the year. Us kids made icebox cake and watched the awful relationship videos while I tried to get my external HD to hook up to Jay's puter. No success on the HD front, but boy were those videos... amazing.

After that, more of Jay's local friends showed up, and we put on pizza and watched Lair of the White Worm. That movie's still weird. At that point, everyone else went and played in the snow, and I collapsed on the couch. I faded in and out of consciousness over the next few hours, had a couple conversations with folks, listened to people play Monopoly, and slept.

Next morning, I proved my worth by cutting butter into the cobbler crust, ate some cobbler, watched The Cat in the Hat TV Special and a couple episodes of Daria, and accepted a ride back to the hotel from Jay's dad. Then email checking, computerplayingwith, dinner, and thud.


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