Jan. 13th, 2004

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So I got in two days ago and I'm already sleep deprived. But you know, everything will be okay.

Sunday night, [livejournal.com profile] cupacoffey did me a huge favor and picked me up from the airport. We hung out at her place and figured out how to make FTP work on the computer she's housesitting. We went and grabbed Chinese food for dinner. Mmmm, chow mein. After that, she dropped me off at Noah's place, and we all talked for a long time. Long enough that I panicked about having to be at Reed at 9am.

It wasn't so bad. Work was fun, in that we got to play with the gigantic radiation source to calibrate the radiation monitors. After lunch, we came back and discovered that someone had used the lift (that we needed to position the source) to move lead bricks. If we wanted it, we had to move the bricks. I went and stood in the corner between two pipes and the wall and put the bricks underneath my feet. It was interesting.

After that, and the final RAM calibration, I studied and started to get my rabbit certification, but Noah showed up because he had to work, and had to pick me up early. So I went to work with him, and afterward we watched most of the important episodes of Babylon 5 S2 with Stormi. We're almost done. This is good, since that means we got to see all the good stuff in S2, and S3, and then move to S4. Yay, S4!

So today I finished my rabbit certification and showed off the Spinthariscope. Here's to more Babylon 5, and the rest of the day going smoothly.


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